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“I have had the pleasure of working with River City Management since it was established. We handpicked them

from a selection of large management companies. The decision was easy. We picked them for their openness, honesty, easy going attitude, and their professionalism. River City has catered to our every need and worked with

us through thick and thin. Most companies tend to nickel and dime every item and service they offer. With River

City it wasn’t like that. They offered services that were well below competitors yet provided a superior product.

They worked with the vendors very personally. We always received nothing but praise about River City from our vendors. It’s nice to know that you can still find a company that appreciates getting the job done without getting ugly!

I would recommend River City Management to anyone! We’ve tested out others and I’d bet my farm that you will love their service!”

Rick Z., Homeowner and Past Association President


I attended a meeting at Caroline Forest with Sharleen.


I wanted to let you know that the people on the board were extremely happy with Sharleen, she was very helpful at the meeting, and appeared to be doing an excellent job. It was clean that the Board members place great store in her council and advice.

Dale Westling, Sr., PA


While Sharleen was the rep for my association, Caroline Forest Owners Association, she was always available and always followed through on any subject broached to her. We found her to be trustworthy, capable and agreeable. She was able to put out fires that erupted with homeowners and keep the peace with everyone. I strongly recommend her as a property manager.

Joyce F., Treasurer, Caroline Forest Owners Association, Inc


Mt. Pleasant Creek HOA has been under the management of River City Management Services since March of 2008. They were selected from a field of 10 candidate management companies because of their willingness to tailor a management package that was a perfect fit for our neighborhood. Other companies were take it or leave it - we you need - please select from Option A and Option B. River City listened to our unique situation and began offering solutions. The end product was a package of management services tailored to fit us. Not every neighborhood, but Mt. Pleasant Creek. Their creative approach provides us with better clerical and accounting support as well as control of rampant Covenant violations throughout the neighborhood.

Stephen Kolb, President, Mt. Pleasant Creek HOA


My HOA interviewed numerous candidates during our search for a new property manager. Immediately after the interview with Sharleen, we knew we had struck gold. After several years of Sharleen handling our HOA, we were saddened (for personal reasons) to see her leave and form River City Management, where we knew she would do well. We stuck it out the remainder of our contract and then immediately called Sharleen and said "We're back."

We have had some very difficult and time sensitive issues that have always been dealt with professionalism and sensitivity. We hope our 6 year plus relationship with Sharleen will continue for many more years.

Sherri Wilson,

Ashton-Brihgton HOA

Past Secretary - Current Vice-President