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Because community management is increasing in complexity, the luxury of having a specialist is quickly becoming a necessity.


The professionals at River City Management Services have become specialist in managing condominium, homeowners, and property owners associations and can provide “third party” management which saves time and resources on a long term basis.Our management philosophy outlines several key ingredients needed or a successful relationship. It

calls for a partnership between the board of directors, the community, and the association manager. This ensures the manager will work together with the board to determine its needs and find a solution that benefits the association. As an added member (in theory), the community manager carries out the day to day functions set forth in the contract, yet provides guidance to individual members carrying volunteer positions. In order to develop a management plan, it is necessary to understand the services needed by the association and those that can be offered by our management firm.

Accounting & Collections - We use nationally recognized accounting software to provide you with the most current and accurate financial information possible. This software will insure all financial decisions are made from a sound basis.


Administration & Owner Relations - Owner relations, perhaps the most important aspect of Association Management refers to the day-to-day interaction with the individual owners and/or tenants. As your Association Manager, the River City Management Services staff is the direct interface with owners and tenants on behalf of the Board of Directors. Good owner relations are critical to the efficient operation of your Association.


Management Planning - We believe that proper planning is the essence of good management. With input obtained from the Board of Directors we can assist with a plan for the future financial and physical management of your Community.


Property Maintenance - Our property maintenance program is designed to fulfill the Board of Directors responsibility to maintain a safe, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing community. We have established working relationships with outside vendors who are responsible for their own employees, payroll, insurance, taxes and also give discounted rates which provide an additional savings to your association.


We are proud to have served a number of our clients for many years and feel that this long-term retention reflects our client's high level of satisfaction with our performance.


We can customize our services to meet your requests and/or budgetary requirements!!!


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